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An effective, low cost deterrent against unwanted intruders.

Tip Top Fence and wall Spikes offer a cheap and easy way to deter burglars and other unwelcome visitors from your garden, driveway or flat roof, etc, - without the risk of getting yourself prosecuted.

The Tip Top Fence and Wall Spikes is designed to cause the maximum discomfort, with minimum harm as opposed to barb wire etc

- Helps prevent intruders getting access
- Safety product - it will not cause serious injury to anyone coming into contact with it but it certainly discourages climbing
- Can be fixed side by side to provide a wider anti-climb barrier around the edge of flat roofs or on top of wide walls
- Prevent birds from nesting on your flat roof

Strip size (450mm x 50mm)


Tip Top Fence Spikes 450mm x 50mm (Individual)

SKU: 2018000188
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