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The Minder padlock alarm is widely used for security for garden sheds, garages, bicycles, motor bikes, scooters, farm machinery, plant equipment etc.

To alarm the padlock, unlock it and remove the shackle. There is a deep groove on the inside edge of one side of the shackle. When fitted with the groove on the key port side of the lock the alarm is active. As you insert the shackle the unit will beep. If fitted the other way round, the alarm system is inactive so when the shackle is fitted this way the unit will not make a noise.

Disable the shackle when using on moving vehicles and change the shackle position to set the alarm when the vehicle is stationary. Insert the key and turn clockwise to release the shackle and re-fit the shackle with the groove near the key port. The lock will beep to indicate the alarm is active. The padlock will be armed after 30 seconds. Turn the key anti-clockwise to lock the unit. The first time the alarm is triggered the unit will provide a beep warning. This allows you to unlock it without setting off the alarm. The next trigger will cause an alarm.

The two tone 110db siren will sound for 10 seconds when triggered and will sound again if triggered again. After 35 seconds without a trigger, the padlock will re-set so that a further trigger will give the triple beep warning before alarming.


Padlock Alarm (New Improved Version)

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