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The Minder Driveway and Vehicle Alert is a wire free product that works up to a maximum distance of 400 feet (clear view) from the PIR to the base unit. The weatherproof PIR sensor can be located within the property perimeter, garden shed, garage, and outbuilding or even within a vehicle.

Designed in black for covert appearance, the Driveway and Vehicle Alert comes with 1 PIR and 1 main unit. The PIR Detector can be placed in a van or trades vehicle, whilst the main unit is taken into the property. If anyone enters the vehicle unlawfully it will alert the owner to this. We feel this product has massive potential especially with the prevalence of "Theft of Tools, etc.".

This product offers a fantastic rapid deployment solution and it is a versatile device which can be
employed in a number of other applications:
- Shed Security

- Driveway Alert
- Outbuildings
- Home Alert
- Caravans, Trailers & Containers

The Driveway & Vehicle Alert has the following features :-
- Designed in Black for covert appearance
- 400 Feet Transmission range in open environment
- Batteries not included
- 3 Settings: High/Low Volume and Off


Driveway and Vehicle Alert

SKU: 2018000006
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